Dental Laboratory Associates

About Us

Over 25 Years Experience…

Dental Laboratory Associates is a dental laboratory dedicated to using the newest and most innovative technologies to improve dentist, and ultimately patient, satisfaction. Our Experience, Quality, Precision & Service separate us from the crowd.

For over 25 years Dental Laboratory Associates Dental Technologists, David Kochberg, RDT, Larry Rips, RDT and Alan David, RDT, have used the latest technology and scientific advancements to deliver to their dental clients and their patients the highest quality products matched in excellence with superior customer service.

Our implant team is arguably one of the best in the country. With vast knowledge and experience in restoring complex cases. We offer our clients unparalleled access to our unique and exclusive chair side assistance program. We will assist and consult with you and your patients for treatment plans and fees for these cases. We are one of only a very unique group of laboratories that uses Digital photography and computerized shade analysis. We offer a series of informative in clinic lunch and learn seminars. We also offer the opportunity for your staff and assistants to come to our lab for training in certain laboratory techniques. (Whitening trays, pouring models, etc.)

Not only are we qualified as dental technologists, we are also equipped with superior customer service and problem solving skills. Our team is here for you at every turn, both chair side and behind the scenes to ensure maximum satisfaction for our dentists and for your patients. Not matter what the issue is, big or small, we will be glad to assist you in any way we can.

Why Choose Us?

What you will get is pretty straight forward. You will have a page specifically for your dental office that includes the following;

  • Small Premium Laboratory
  • Exceptional reputation for Quality, Precision and service.
  • 6 of our 8 technicians are fully qualified RDT’s
  • Every technician works with a microscope
  • A dedicated Quality Control Dept
  • We have always been at the absolute forefront of technology.
  • Leaders in the field of Cad/Cam technology.
  • Dental educators
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