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Dental Laboratory Associates carries the Forever TM Family product line that has a lifetime warranty. The product’s quality and our experience is what separates us from other dental labs. Meet them below!

Forever Crowns

FOREVERcrowns are the premium dental crowns that our highly-skilled team of Registered Dental Technologists have been able to expertly design and produce using our specialized manufacturing process. They are customized to precisely match the natural teeth of patients. Not only will FOREVERcrowns replace a tooth or a few teeth – they will also look, function, and feel better than the ones they are replacing!

Forever Implant

A dental implant is the closest restoration you can get to natural looking teeth. Having one allows you to eat, talk, smile, laugh, and perform regular everyday activities without having to worry about your teeth. With a FOREVERimplant, patients benefit from the premium quality materials used that are all biocompatible, lessening the risk of any allergic reactions. Our implant systems are also customized to suit specific patient’s requirements. FOREVERimplant allows us to restore all major implant systems.

Forever Bridges

As the name implies, FOREVERbridges bridge the gap that is the result of having one or more missing teeth. The bridge itself has two or more crowns that are made for the teeth on either side of the gap. Compared to other types of bridges, FOREVERbridges are a whole lot stronger, more durable, and of course, aesthetically better. They are also better than metal ceramic bridges that could cause some allergic reactions. Unlike other bridges, FOREVERbridges do not come with that distracting grey line along the edges of the gums that is a telltale sign that the patient is wearing a dental appliance.

The Forever Family Products are exclusive to us throughout Canada and
only available to clients of Dental Laboratory Associates

Limited Lifetime Warranty

A lifetime warranty is a warranty against defects in materials and workmanship that has no time limit to make a claim provided that the product is not the subject of abuse or trauma and is used as it has designed and fabricated to be used for.

ForeverCrowns Prosthetic Warranty
Beginning May 2016 DLA Dental Laboratory Associates will provide a LIFETIME guarantee on ForeverCrowns Prosthetic Products.Within our general terms of sale and warranty we ensure the perfect quality of our product. Due to our high production standards we can offer you a Lifetime warranty on our prosthetic components.We offer a warranty on our ForeverCrowns components according to the guarantee conditions. The warranty includes all material and manufacturing defects which may occur within the Lifetime guarantee period. We only provide warranty for our contracting/purchasing partners (Dentists and Prosthodontists). Any other persons besides those mentioned cannot lay claims to the warranty. It is not possible to assign or transfer the warranty claim.

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