Dental Laboratory Associates

Business Directory

What is the business directory all about?

We have an extensive network of dentists who sell our products and services and we want you on there too! The business directory will highlight the dentists and their offices per location that sell our products!

Joining our directory is absolutely FREE!

What You Get:

What you will get is pretty straight forward. You will have a page specifically for your dental office that includes the following;

  • logo
  • social media links
  • business hours
  • map
  • phone number
  • reviews
  • email
  • business description

How will the business directory work for you?

The patient will find the directory through our marketing efforts. Then, they will find the dentist located closest to them that sells our products. If the patient is closest to you, well, just like that you’ve received a new patient interested in your services.

Simply put, it is a win win situation for us and you. We gain another dental office that sells our products and you gain free exposure to grow your patient list.

How We Will Promote the Directory

We will be marketing the website and directory through Search Engine Optimization, social media strategies, email campaigns, and so much more. We will do all of the work, so you can sit back, relax, and let the patients come in one by one!

Joining our directory is absolutely FREE!