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Chairside Assistance

Dental Laboratory Associates is a cutting edge Dental Laboratory located in Thornhill Ontario. Our main focus is on complex implant cases fabricated primarily with the latest CAD/CAM technologies as well as highly trained (6) Registered Dental Technologists.

We are offering you an “in-operatory ” chair side implant assistance service to ensure the success of your simple and complex implant cases and the workflow of these cases will be as seamless as possible.

With over 15 years of chair side operatory assistance experience, we are there to help you from the initial case planning through to the placement of the final restoration.

We understand that being in an operatory with a difficult case or performing a technique that is new or challenging to the practice can be intimidating and stressful. We are very sensitive to those situations and that is why we offer our clients this unique service.

Our presence is very discreet and we adapt our approach to meet the requirements of each individual client and patient as well as each unique situation. Our level of engagement ranges from being a passive observer to that of a technical consultant or even an extra pair of hands when needed.

This unique service is extremely popular with our clients, and the patient feedback has been 100% positive.

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