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Education & Training

We offer a number of topics of interest for our clients that we can host in your office as a lunch and learn or as an evening lecture in our lecture facility. We also bring in specialists to host educational seminars in our facility as well. We also regularly train Dental office staff (Assistants and Hygienists) to fabricate certain appliances directly in your office.

Lunch & Learn Sessions

Lunch & Learn sessions are short, informal seminars conducted in your office for you and your staff. We regularly host Lunch & Learn sessions on a variety of topics relevant to today’s dentists and their patients. Below are some of our most popular Lunch & Learn topics, but if there is a specific topic you would like us to speak on, feel free to call us and we can create a customized session.

In-House Staff Training

Let us train your staff to fabricate Whitening Trays, Immediate Grinding appliances and Sports Guards. We will also train them on how to pour and trim the perfect model as well as Basic Articulation. We can do this Training in your office (depending on the number of staff and the available space) or we can arrange for a Training Session in our Laboratory.

Study Clubs & Seminars

We Place a huge Emphasis on Continuing Education for both Ourselves, Our Staff and our Clients. Keeping up to date with the latest trends and technologies is a priority for us. As Experienced Technicians David, Larry and Alan have and Continue to Present and Lecture to Dental Groups all over Canada and the USA.



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