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SHADEWAVE Technology

SHADEWAVE is a state of the art shade matching system that makes the process of creating restorations easier and a whole lot better for dentists and dental technicians.
It is used for both simple and complex types of restorative dentistry to make sure that the perfect coulour is achieved for the patient. Additionally, it can be used to set up and compare analysis during some whitening procedures.

Dental Laboratory Associates is proud to let all our clients and patients know that we are a CERTIFIED SHADEWAVE LABORATORY. We provide complete Digital Analysis, as well as Shade Mapping.

Digital Analysis and Shade Mapping

Patients getting restorations these days are indeed lucky what with the technology available to ensure that they get the perfect colours and shades. The accurate assessment of detailed colour is crucial to the delivery of aesthetically matched single or unilateral restorations. Years ago, colour assessment was one of the most difficult barriers for both dentists and technicians. The innovation of digital analysis and shade mapping had allowed us to provide patients with accurately-matched restorations.

Dental Laboratory Associates now have state of the art materials and technologies at our disposal to make sure that we can make your restorations as undetectable as we can.


As a patient, you can come to our clean and modern laboratory facility. Here you will be treated with kid gloves by one of our highly-trained dental professionals. Digital photographs will be taken, which we will use to do a shade analysis, of course, using our innovative SHADEWAVE software. If necessary, we can also do a video. All it will take you is 10 minutes!

This highly advanced technology has allowed us to virtually eliminate the need for custom staining.
Do not rely on lady luck when it comes to the colour of your restoration products. Visit Dental Laboratory Associates for that perfectly matched and truly undetectable solution!

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