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Limited Lifetime Warranty

A lifetime warranty is a warranty against defects in materials and workmanship that has no time limit to make a claim provided that the product is not the subject of abuse or trauma and is used as it has designed and fabricated to be used for. ForeverCrowns Prosthetic Warranty

Beginning May 2016 DLA Dental Laboratory Associates will provide a LIFETIME guarantee on ForeverCrowns Prosthetic Products.Within our general terms of sale and warranty we ensure the perfect quality of our product. Due to our high production standards we can offer you a Lifetime warranty on our prosthetic components.We offer a warranty on our ForeverCrowns components according to the guarantee conditions. The warranty includes all material and manufacturing defects which may occur within the Lifetime guarantee period. We only provide warranty for our contracting/purchasing partners (Dentists and Prosthodontists). Any other persons besides those mentioned cannot lay claims to the warranty. It is not possible to assign or transfer the warranty claim.

DLA ForeverCrowns offer Canadian precision at a fair price.

Guarantee Conditions From May 1, 2016 we provide a guarantee on our FOREVERCROWNS Prosthetic Products (here in referred to as “our products”) as follows:The Guarantee period for our products is for the Lifetime of the products from delivery.We Guarantee the replacement of our products without additional costs if they reveal material or manufacturing defects or they do not comply with our quality standards.

No new guarantee or extension of the guarantee is linked with guarantee performance.Case documentation including Preoperative, post treatment and follow up regularly scheduled dental appointments.With our product, sterilized our prosthetic component, treatment notes, proof of purchase must be provided within 3 months of failure for our dental consultant. No Guarantee shall be granted:

    • For the damage of our products due to external trauma such as accidents or comparable events
    • For failure of our products due to not following accepted Dental treatment guidelines or contraindications including but not exclusive to alcoholism, diabetes, drug addiction, smoking, poor oral hygiene etc.
    • For further claims and consequential damages such as costs or costs of clinical and/or dental treatment
    • Inappropriate structural alterations to our products.

This voluntary guarantee is supplementary to the guarantee rights defined by law and the product liability and doesn’t affect these. In addition, our general terms and conditions of sale shall apply. The assignment of rights from this guarantee requires our consent.

Did you know The ForeverTM Family has a LIFETIME Warranty?

Within our general terms of sale and warranty we ensure the perfect quality of our product.

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