Dental Laboratory Associates

Chairside Assistance

One of our most popular and unique services is our
chair side implant assistance program.

Larry is one of our very exclusive handful of technicians that has had intensive and significant training in implantology.

He is a member of the faculty of the AAID (American Academy of Implant dentistry) TiMax implant course that is run here in the GTA, and plays an integral part in the training and education of general dentists in implant restorative dentistry. He brings this knowledge and expertise chair side to assist you in the treatment planning of your cases and is there to assist you if and when required during the entire restorative phase of treatment. Larry’s ability to solve any problems before they happen is a major reason for the success of this program.┬áHe being chair side also helps to reduce stress involved in restoring complex cases and the patients feel that they are extra special as the level of care they are getting from the TEAM is something they have never experienced before.

We understand that being in an operatory with a difficult case or performing a technique that is new or challenging to the practice can be intimidating and stressful. We are very sensitive to those situations and that is why we offer our clients this unique service. Our presence is very discreet and we adapt our approach to meet the requirements of each individual client and patient as well as each unique situation. Our level of engagement ranges from being a passive observer to that of a technical consultant or even an extra pair of hands when needed.

This unique service is extremely popular with our clients, and the patient feedback has been 100% positive.

Larry’s motto is If you Fail to Plan then Plan to Fail.
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