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Monthly Archives: January 2018

What’s Ahead for Digital Dentures?

For many centuries, men and women have had to deal with a few lost teeth or for some, even the total absence of their teeth. And unfortunately, humans are not like other animals that have unlimited number or teeth or … Continue reading

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Can You Improve Patient Experience in Your Practice?

There are very few patients out there who are actually excited to visit their dentist.  Most people think that a trip to the dentist means they’ll go through something that’s not just painful but also expensive.  That’s why as a … Continue reading

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Toddlers and Bruxism: What Parents Want to Know

So, you have noticed your toddler grinding his or her teeth at night while sleeping. You have observed that his or her mouth is constantly moving and making clacking or grinding sounds. This habit can be bothersome and irritating, but … Continue reading

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Grow Your Practice This Year with Dental Laboratory Associates

Every business goes through ups and downs. That’s normal. But if yours has been going downhill for some time now and it’s not showing any signs that it will pick up anytime soon, it’s telling you that you have to … Continue reading

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