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Monthly Archives: July 2017

Tips for a Better Communication Between Dentists and Dental Labs

Ask anyone what a dentist does and you are likely to hear this answer – a dentist takes care of people’s oral health! They are not wrong. But that’s not the only thing dental care professionals do. They are also … Continue reading

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How Dental Laboratory’s Technology Affects the Dentist’s Practice

The progress of dental technologies and materials in the last few years is incredible. Now, more dental labs offer CAD/CAM technology, which makes it a standard in the dental industry. The lost-wax technique is quickly fading in the background. However, … Continue reading

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Save Your Child’s Teeth from Bruxism

Teeth grinding or bruxism is not simply an annoying habit. What some do not know is that it can have painful consequences, no matter how old you are. Lots of parents visit dental offices to inquire about teeth grinding in … Continue reading

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Diabetes and Your Oral Health – Is There a Connection?

Among common health conditions, diabetes is the one that is often associated with oral health. And it’s because diabetes can really cause dental problems. In fact, patients with either Type I or Type II diabetes are at a higher risk … Continue reading

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