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Planning a Guided Implant case

Planning and designing successful implant guides can be relatively simple if certain steps are followed.

Using guides for placing implants can make the difference between a successful case or a failure.

It can also make a huge difference in whether or not the laboratory will be able to achieve an aesthetically pleasing result or not.

Communication is Key.

  • In a detailed RX tell the Lab what your plan is for the final restoration, as well as what is your preferred restorative material.
  • Photos, Photos, Photos…Please take photos, these not only help in planning and visualization but they are a great way of keeping records as well as way to educate other patients.
  • If it is a Cosmetic case and involves 1 or more teeth in the Esthetic zone, a Digital Smile Simulation, is fantastic way to show the patient what their new teeth or smile will look like.

What the Lab needs to plan a case.

  • Accurate Upper and Lower Scans,  Impressions or Models of the Patient
  • CBCT of the patients Jaw. Medium or Large field Scans are preferred and patients should be scanned in an open bite. (Biting on cotton rolls)
  • Photographs of the Patient.
*(Photo series courtesy of Dental Learning Centres)

The Process

Once the Lab( DLA) has received all the required Data and Information we then:

  • Scan and Digitize the Patients Models (if analog)

              Upload the Intra Oral Scans of the Patient (if digital)

  • Upload and Clean the CBCT scan
  • Merge the CBCT with the Digital STL files of the patient’s models
  • Digitally remove any teeth that are being extracted at the time of surgery.
  • Design a Digital Set up of the teeth to be restored if required.
  • Using implant planning software, plan the implant placement as ideally as possible, from both a restorative aspect as well as from a clinical aspect. (Available bone)
  • Once Pre-Planned we then arrange a short online Zoom meeting at your convenience to review the plan and make any changes. As the surgeon you have final say as the plan and design.
  • Once the plan is approved and signed off by the doctor we design, Fabricate and ship the Guide.
  • With the guide we include a printed copy of all the implant positions taken in various views as well as a detailed Sequenced Drill plan.

For more information or to upload a case please Contact me at or through our Website

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