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Fully Guided

Fully Guided – Flapless – No Bone Reduction – Immediate Load

Fully Guided – Stackable – Guided Bone Reduction – Immediate Load

Immediate load Full Arch Guided Surgery is a state-of-the-art dental treatment that offers numerous benefits to patients. This type of surgery allows patients to receive their new full arch of teeth on the same day as their surgery, which means they won’t have to wait weeks or months for their new smile.

One of the main benefits of immediate load Full Arch Guided Surgery is that it can significantly reduce the amount of time and discomfort associated with traditional dental implant surgery. Because the new teeth are placed immediately after the implants are inserted, patients can avoid the need for multiple surgeries and long periods of healing. This can save patients time and money, and it can also make the entire process more convenient and comfortable.

Another benefit of immediate load Full Arch Guided Surgery is that it can provide patients with better results. Because the implants and teeth are placed at the same time, the implants can integrate more securely with the bone and provide better support for the new teeth. This can lead to a more natural-looking and comfortable smile that is less likely to experience complications over time.

Overall, immediate load Full Arch Guided Surgery is a highly effective and convenient option for patients who need dental implants. It can provide patients with faster results, better support for their new teeth, and a more comfortable and convenient treatment experience. 

Dental Laboratory Associates is recognized as the Leader in Canada in this type of protocol.

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