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Transforming Your Smile in a Day – Is It Possible?

My smile is perfect! Portrait of happy patient in dental chair.

“Good things come to those who wait” and “No pain, no gain” – these adages are probably going on the minds of patients who undergo traditional implant surgery as they bear those long months of painstaking dental appointments just for them to enjoy a complete set of teeth once more. But, is there no other choice? Does having amazing replacement teeth really take that long and that many dental visits?

Those who say yes obviously haven’t heard of Teeth-in-a Day, the most innovative technology in implants to date, reducing months of traditional treatment into just hours of dental work. Is that really possible? Yes it is!

Teeth-in-a-Day makes use of high-resolution scans to create 3D images. These will be the basis of the virtual model for the patient’s replacement teeth. The prosthesis is made and shaped by the expert lab technician in advance. That is followed by the placement of the implants, as well as the attachment of the dentures or crown to those implants, with consideration for bone, density, spacing, and all other factors.

The innovative computer-aided scanning process results to the accurate measurement and precise positioning of implants. It also eliminates all unnecessary incisions and the complications that could possibly arise from those. This is because the traditional surgical procedures that used to be required in able to reveal the patient’s bone structure are now replaced by the 3D CAT scan. Yes! No more long months of downtime as the patient waits for the implants to be integrated with the bone and for the gums to heal before the abutment or crown can be attached.

The result of Teeth-in-a-Day’s advanced technology is permanent replacement teeth that looks as close to the patient’s natural teeth as possible. Now, who doesn’t want that? Dental Laboratory Associates can provide you with this amazing technology so you can provide your patients with the smile they deserve without having to make them wait for it. “Good things come to those who wait?” Well, in this case, we’d like to tell you “The BEST thing will not make you wait!”


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