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Tips for a Better Communication Between Dentists and Dental Labs

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Ask anyone what a dentist does and you are likely to hear this answer – a dentist takes care of people’s oral health! They are not wrong. But that’s not the only thing dental care professionals do. They are also businessmen and managers. Aside from dealing with their patients’ teeth and gums, they also run their clinics and make sure that they have reliable teams working with them – their clinic staff and the dental laboratory that will work on their cases.


As a dental professional, you probably already know that the secret behind every accurate restoration is perfect communication between a clinician and a dental laboratory. This communication depends greatly on the latest technologies that include digital workflows and other tools and materials. Without the right kind of collaboration, flawless restorations that are made in a speedy manner are difficult, if not impossible.


It is not easy to replicate the complexities of human anatomy. The human cavity, for instance, is different for each person and even the littlest miscalculation can mean trouble. That is why it is crucial that the clinician and the laboratory staff work collaboratively in an organized and precise manner.


Dental labs like Dental Laboratory Associates expect dentists to provide detailed information about each case to prevent defects and adjustments. Clinicians appreciate laboratories that work in an organized way – in unison from the member of the staff who makes all the appointments to the one who takes care of sending out the packages. Needless to say, teamwork is a necessity for dentists and labs, and without it, no matter how advanced your tools and technologies are, a successful relationship would be hard to achieve.


How can effective communication be achieved?

  • Make sure you spend enough time talking to lab technicians about photos and other specifications.
  • Send all updated scans and impressions to make sure that there will be no confusion.
  • Set a realistic deadline, depending on the types and complexities of cases and materials used.


Of course, a lot depends on the laboratory you choose to work with.  Go for one that has the same goals as you – that may not be the lab that offers you the lowest prices. More important is how the laboratory values good quality output and exceptional workmanship. You should be able to depend on your partner lab to help you through the most complicated cases.


Reliable laboratories like Dental Laboratory Associates have digital capabilities that you can benefit from as a clinician, as our technology can optimize communication. And with our highly-trained staff, you would never have to worry about miscommunication again. We also ensure that with our CAD/CAM type restorations, we can deliver more accurate impressions in a faster timeframe. We always strive on utilizing the most up to date technologies to ensure top notch customer services and premium restorations.


So if you are looking for a reliable laboratory for your practice, just give us a call, and we can discuss how we can help you take care of your patients’ needs.

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