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Little Things that Cause Major Problems with a Child’s Teeth

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Tooth decay is an issue that nobody wants to be dealing with, no matter how old they are. Parents, especially, get really worried when they find that their toddler’s first set of teeth are showing signs of decay.

But is tooth decay in children inevitable? Actually, tooth decay can be prevented if you take good care of your child’s oral health. It is also extremely important that you know the common causes of decay. Keep reading to find out what could be causing problems with your child’s teeth.

Sugary Drinks

You may be strict when it comes to candies but what about the beverages that you let your little one have? If you fill your child’s sippy cup or bottle with soda, juice, or other sugary drinks, then you are putting him or her at a higher risk of getting tooth decay. If you want your child to have something to drink ready whenever he or she gets thirsty, it would be better to fill up the water bottle or sippy cup with water. Also, avoid giving your toddler a bottle before bedtime. The mouth gets dry during sleep and whatever your child drinks before bed would likely stick to his or her teeth.

Shared Utensils

Few people realize that bacteria that can cause tooth decay can also be transmitted through the saliva. If you or other members of the family have these bacteria, they can easily be passed on to your child when you share utensils or even just drink from the same cup. So try to avoid sharing cups and utensils with your child and you can keep harmful bacteria from finding their way into your little one’s mouth.

Lack of Proper Cleaning

For a long time, many parents believed that they shouldn’t be too worried about keeping their child’s baby teeth healthy because they’ll be replaced anyway. But really, it would be a lot better if you adopt a proper and regular cleaning routine as early as you can. So even before your child’s first tooth appears, you should use a soft washcloth to gently clean your little one’s gums. You can start brushing as soon as teeth come out using a tiny toothbrush and just water. As soon as your child turns two, you can include a little fluoride toothpaste to his or her brushing routine. You should instill in your child’s mind the importance of brushing twice a day.

You want to keep your child’s teeth safe from cavities so you should make it a point to teach good oral habits early on. Be mindful of even the small things that you might believe harmless. Sometimes even the smallest things can have the biggest impact on a child’s teeth.

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