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Guided Surgery Benefits for Implant Surgeons

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Implant dentistry is quickly advancing. This is partly because of the innovative virtual planning and guided surgery which allow for seamless communication and collaboration between the restorative dentist and the surgeon. As they work from the same advanced digital plan, they can optimize the outcome of the procedure.

Proper virtual planning can give the patient a restorative-driven placement that meets surgical parameters, too. Every procedure that used to be done on the bench is now accomplished virtually in the software. That saves significant time for both the patient and the dentist. When there is a detailed and precise model of the patient’s jaw and a surgical guide, you can be sure that your dental technician will be able to manufacture an accurate prosthesis for the patient.

Unlike with traditional methods, surgical surprises can be greatly reduced or even completely eliminated. How much bone is available and its location can be easily determined prior to the surgery. 3D CT scans offer accurate information on the proximity of the treatment area to the sinus walls and alveolar nerve channel. 2D x-rays are not always able to reveal images as precise as advanced 3D CT scans.

So why do we believe dentists should be guided every time?

Guided surgery allows dentists to have an accurate method of placing implants consistently.  If you could spend a few minutes of non-chair time for a guide to make certain that you deliver accuracy every single implant case, we know that you would. That is all it takes to plan the case using the innovative software and for the system to print out the implant guide. This can be verified in the patient’s mouth and should alterations be needed, they can quickly be completed in the office in minutes, too.

It makes sense business-wise as it assures patients of consistent result and that in itself is excellent promotion. You do not have to think of tricks to pull out of your hat because being able to offer predictable patient care does it all for your practice. The kind of results you can deliver provides you with an edge.

It gives both you and your patients ‘confidence. When doing implant surgeries, the dentist needs to be confident that they can find the best restorative trajectory to place the implant into. The patient, too, has to be confident in the dentist’s ability to perform his job. A ‘Guide’ can provide that confidence.

Do you want to experience these benefits in your practice? Speak to one of our experts at Dental Laboratory Associates and find out all the details!

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