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How Designing Smiles Can Help You with Different Procedures

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A person’s set of gums and teeth is personal. That makes it a little difficult when you get oral problems, especially when it requires corrective procedures. It makes it doubly harder when the patient doesn’t have any idea what their new smile is going to look like. A visual demonstration will be most helpful in convincing your patients that going through the necessary procedure will give them amazing results.

Here are some procedures that can be greatly enhanced by a smile software and help you give your patients that perfectly healthy smile:

Restoring Damaged Teeth

Repaired tooth, if done correctly, should be unnoticeable. That’s what makes it harder to explain to patients, especially when there’s no visual plan that will help them see the comparison of before and after. Being able to show them their new smile by design will help you build trust and confidence between you and the patient. Once that is established, you can then concentrate on the procedure itself.

Straightening Teeth

Misaligned teeth are usually inherited, so most patients are a bit hesitant about changing a facial feature that they have always had. Patients can’t precisely visualize what their new smile would look like after the treatment. When you use the smile software, you can provide a comprehensive treatment plan that you can visually show your patients so they’d know all the changes they can expect in every step.

Replacing Missing Teeth

Having to replace a missing tooth is not a simple matter. Naturally, your patient wants his or her new tooth or teeth to be aesthetically matching your other teeth. Aside from that, comfort and security are very important when it comes to tooth replacement as well. With smile software and a picture of the patient’s mouth, you can design every tooth implant and have the precise prosthetic measurements, colour match, and all the other details you need to ensure that you get the perfect fit for your patient’s new smile.

Removing or Reconstructing Gum Tissue

Sometimes the roots of the teeth can become exposed or the exact opposite can happen and the gums cover a large area of the teeth. For these situations, gum graft or a gingivectomy may be necessary. These procedures can be quite intimidating. They also often require longer recovery periods. In cases like this, smile design software can ensure that you are able to determine precise measurements for your procedure. You will also be able to walk the patient through the entire process easily, as you have a beautiful display that will show him or her exactly how the newly designed smile would look after.

Needless to say, having Smile Design software is an incredible asset that would help you explain your procedures to your patients so they can visualize, plan, and prepare for their new smile!

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