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Is Your Dental Practice Giving Back to Your Community?

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The beginning of the year provides everyone the perfect opportunity to help other people and to give back to their community. There are a lot of options for you. And whichever one you choose, keep in mind that aside from helping others you are also building a stronger relationship with your team.

If you haven’t decided yet about what you can do for your community, here are some excellent ideas that you might want to consider:

Start a Food and/or Clothing Drive for Your Chosen Local Charity

Having a food or clothing drive is a great way to get your patients involved, especially if you’re doing one for a local charity. You can personally invite them to help you out or place donation boxes in your foyer. If you think your patients need extra motivation, you can hold a raffle with free dental services as prizes. You can also offer giveaways to those who support your cause with a donation.

It’s a good idea to contact your local charities to find out what their biggest needs are. This way, you’ll also know the best way you can help.

Hold a Community Outreach Program with Dental Services

As dental professionals, you and your team have skills that some couldn’t afford. Why not dedicate a day or a weekend to doing some dental-based community outreach. You can visit shelters and provide cleanings, wellness checkups, or other related services to those who are not able to enjoy regular dental care.

Volunteer as a Team in a Local Shelter

Volunteering as a team is a good way for you and your staff to grow closer while helping other people at the same time. Partner up with local charities that are in need of your assistance. You can choose to organize donations at a food bank, prepare or serve food at a shelter, or to deliver meals to shut-ins. You can also ask some of you patients to join you and your team.

Remember that the best time to lend a helping hand to those in need is now. Just think about how your community trusts you and provides your practice the opportunity to thrive. So no matter how busy you might be and however your business is doing, don’t forget to give back and start the year right!

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