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Dental Imaging Matters – Here’s Why

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Proper dental imaging services require advanced technology and thorough training that are often so much more complex than what those outside the industry assume. There are a lot to consider like the 3D imaging and the modeling, as well as the resolution and depth of the image. When all of these come together, you can be sure that great dental imaging suite results to a more effective path towards restorative treatments.

If you’re patient revisits you due to bridge or a crown that’s not the perfect fit, or you are a dentist and you feel that it’s taking you longer than it should when you’re performing a procedure, it may not be your skill that’s the problem. It’s possible that it has more to do with the kind of imaging you use in your practice. You see, detailed information is the key to fast, precise, and comfortable treatments.

Here are some of the major areas where dental imaging really plays a big role:

Cosmetic Treatment

Whether it is whitening or veneers that your patient wants, dental imaging can assist you by providing an accurate assessment of the site where the cosmetic procedure is going to be done. That includes the shape of the teeth and its alignment, as well as the exact shade. If there are no imaging tools it would be next to impossible to create a smile that looks beautiful and natural.

Dental Prosthetics

From bridges to dental implants, full knowledge of the jaw structure and the shape of the mouth is necessary for the creation of dental prosthetics. In particular, when it comes to dental implants, you want to be able to provide a comfortable procedure and a stable result – and high definition 3D dental imaging can give you that.

Oral Surgery

Fillings, extractions, and more – information makes all the difference in every oral surgery that you do. If you know the unique structure of every tooth with its roots, as well as the roots of the adjacent teeth, you would be able to perform a more accurate procedure. This is especially important for cases where the littlest mistake can be very painful for your patient.

Your practice can benefit from dental imaging and your patients will definitely appreciate the results it can deliver. Contact Dental Laboratory Associates today and ask how dental imaging can be a part of your dental practice!

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