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How Designing Smiles Can Help You with Different Procedures

A person’s set of gums and teeth is personal. That makes it a little difficult when you get oral problems, especially when it requires corrective procedures. It makes it doubly harder when the patient doesn’t have any idea what their … Continue reading

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Enhance Your Skills by Learning Smile Design

As a dentist, which dental procedures do you like doing for your patients? Every dental professional wants to be able to provide better service. However, not every dentist has the initiative to look for ways to improve their procedures. It’s … Continue reading

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Dental Imaging Matters – Here’s Why

Proper dental imaging services require advanced technology and thorough training that are often so much more complex than what those outside the industry assume. There are a lot to consider like the 3D imaging and the modeling, as well as … Continue reading

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Guided Surgery Benefits for Implant Surgeons

Implant dentistry is quickly advancing. This is partly because of the innovative virtual planning and guided surgery which allow for seamless communication and collaboration between the restorative dentist and the surgeon. As they work from the same advanced digital plan, … Continue reading

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All on 4 Dental Implants – New Teeth in Just One Day!

People who have lost their teeth or will soon have their last natural teeth pulled have various options for tooth replacement. One of the most innovative and highly reliable techniques is to attach realistic prosthetics permanently to dental implants which … Continue reading

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Transforming Your Smile in a Day – Is It Possible?

“Good things come to those who wait” and “No pain, no gain” – these adages are probably going on the minds of patients who undergo traditional implant surgery as they bear those long months of painstaking dental appointments just for … Continue reading

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Tips for a Better Communication Between Dentists and Dental Labs

Ask anyone what a dentist does and you are likely to hear this answer – a dentist takes care of people’s oral health! They are not wrong. But that’s not the only thing dental care professionals do. They are also … Continue reading

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How Dental Laboratory’s Technology Affects the Dentist’s Practice

The progress of dental technologies and materials in the last few years is incredible. Now, more dental labs offer CAD/CAM technology, which makes it a standard in the dental industry. The lost-wax technique is quickly fading in the background. However, … Continue reading

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All You Need to Know About GuidedSMILE Same Day Teeth

Are you missing some teeth? Perhaps you have been wearing dentures for quite some time now. Whichever it is, you are definitely in for a surprise!   GuidedSMILE, also known as Same Day Dentures, is a medical device that allows … Continue reading

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Dentures in Younger Patients – What Can You Expect?

Anyone can experience tooth loss at any age. That doesn’t mean you have to live with it and go on not being able to smile or talk the way you want to. If you are still young, you might feel … Continue reading

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